Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have experience to apply?

Prior work-from-home experience is required for all of our roles. If you are interested in a specific role, it may require additional experience that will be posted on the job opening.

Why do you require at least 10 mbps of internet speed? Can you settle for something lower than that?

In order for you to have smooth communication between you and your client, having at least 10 mbps of internet speed will make your job a lot easier. A lot of applications used in the offered roles also require a bigger bandwidth, and lower internet speeds can make them slow and consume a lot of your time.

I don’t have a back-up computer or a back-up internet connection, can I still apply?

For you to become a successful home-based Virtual Specialist, we strongly suggest finding ways to work with your client 99% of the time. Fixing technical issues will save you a lot of work time and money in the long run.

Do you have a time tracking system/software?

We have a system to track your clock-in and clock-out times for payroll purposes only. Level does not rely on screen monitoring software as we confidently trust our Virtual Specialists to work professionally with their clients, and we encourage our clients not to utilize this software either.

What tools do I need to have installed on my PC?

Once you are hired, you’ll have the chance to discuss with your client what unique tools they would like for you to have. Some roles may require specific tools and skillsets that will be listed on the job description.


How much salary do you offer?

The salary depends on the role and your work-related experience. All salaries are non-negotiable after the initial interview. Please visit our current job openings page for available roles and rates.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid directly to your preferred bank accounts twice a month and on time! Our method gets an exchange rate that’s over 3% better than PayPal which is equal to 8 extra paid days a year for full time service. As long as you are working, you’ll be collecting money each time.


Do you offer paid leave?

As a Level Virtual Specialist, you have the benefit of receiving numerous paid days off. This includes 10 recognized holidays in the Philippines and U.S., 7 annual leave days, and the equivalent of 8 extra paid days due to our high exchange rate.

Do you offer HMO coverage?

Yes, we offer company-paid HMO coverage for our Virtual Specialists AND a dependent after 6 months of being with your client. Take care of yourself and a loved one at no extra cost!

Do we work on holidays?

On a recognized holiday, you can still get paid without working! A full list of our holidays are available online.

Do you give 13th month pay?

Most clients have provided year end bonuses for their Virtual Specialists in lieu of 13th month pay. Hard work and consistent communication with your client can make this a possibility.


If I don’t pass my first client interview, will I still be endorsed for other clients?

Absolutely! We will look at your unique skills and experience and match them with other jobs that are available.

Do you provide training?

We ensure candidates have relevant and relatable experience to the role they’re applying for. Our clients then provide tailored training to their new hires to be successful in their role.

Do you offer part-time jobs?

Yes, we offer morning and afternoon part-time shifts (US time). If your goal is to work full time, we’ll work on matching you with another part-time client to ensure you get a full-time equivalent.

Can I work with a different company while working with Level?

We value your ambition and drive to work multiple jobs. However, having extra work priorities is only allowed for part-time employees provided that there is no conflict of time or interest with Level or your clients. Our goal is for you to develop your skills within your client’s organization that will eventually lead you to career growth and more success long-term.

I used to work with Level, can I reapply?

 If you are interested in rejoining the Level family, please reach out to recruitment@level.ph for more information about special assessments for rehires.

I got declined on my first try. Can I reapply?

Yes, you may reapply after 3-6 months. That will give you enough time to gather more skills or be system-ready to work from home.